How Gifts in Goa works

Gifts in Goa : Convenient. Fast and Easy

How it Works

1. Pick a gift:
Choose from hundreds of gifts such as cakes, flowers, chocolates, toys & more. To pick a gift, browse through our selection by category, or simply use the Search option on top of every page.

2. Place an Order:
Placing an order is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Find the gift you like and click on ‘Send as Gift’. This adds your gift to a shopping cart. Then select a delivery method, enter your registration details followed by delivery information (recipient’s name, address and delivery date). When ready, click ‘Confirm my Order’.

3. Paying for your gift:
Paying for your gift is Safe, Secure and Convenient with Credit Card payments through PayPal, ICICI Net Banking, Cheques or Cash.

4. Gift is Delivered:
Your gift is shipped locally within the Goa  and will be delivered by local courier or similar service in case of non perishable and personalized delivery in case of perishables. There are no customs forms to fill out, no international shipping and above all, no delays.